Legend of the Wind X - Development Abstract


A RPG game engine from stratch in C++, defaulted to textmode play, but graphics/music adoptable, no requirement to link against other DLL's or libsomething.so, it will be intended for a case study like program for introductory computer science programmer and advanced programmers as a project to develop a playable and portable game that is actually enjoyable.


This project wishes to create a RPG game engine basing on a easy to port ideology using C++ from scratch. The idea to create the game from scratch came from the experience in trying to compile many of the other games that is publically avaiable yet each of them requires different packages to be installed, whilst these other packages are not neccessarily standard or common features. In creating this RPG game engine, very simple computer science technique will be applied so that it is portable between any platform with a C++ compiler and proper graphics support. Although graphics is not going to be the major emphasis of this project, this engine will be developed in a way that whenever possible a graphics interface may be added to make the game more complete.

Requirements & Platforms

The platforms currently intended to develop using:

The engine will be developed from nothing...as aforementioned, so the project will not require other libraries to compile. And thus making it compilable on literally all the machines. Playability is our goal.

The intended graphics libraries:

The Basic Design and Interfaces